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Structured Query Language is a language used to query and manipulate databases. It is mandatory for data scientists to acquire and learn SQL. One of the main jobs of a data scientist is to turn raw data into meaningful and understandable insights. Most of the raw data you may encounter are held in organized collections of tables called relational databases. There are many resources that can help you learn SQL but in this article, we will give you a short summary of five Resources that you can start with right now.

Mode Analytics

Mode is an analytics platform that brings together a SQL editor, Python notebook, and data visualization builder. Mode provides comprehensive and excellent tutorials on SQL from beginner to advanced. If you want to learn SQL, this is a good place you can start from. The tutorials comprises of  examples and real world problems and everything is done on the Mode SQL editor. After every section there’s assignment which you can take to practice your skills.

After you are done with the Advanced section, there’s SQL analytics training section where you will deal with real world case scenarios. Before you access the tutorials you will need to have a user account. you can sign up for one at I highly recommend you take this tutorials if you are an aspiring data scientist and you want to sharpen your SQL skills.

Solo Learn

SoloLearn’s FREE SQL tutorial Will take you through the fundamentals in highly interactive manner. The tutorial is made up of tens of  different quizzes that makes it unique, engaging and helps you retain while your learning progresses. You will learn how to select and query data, how to sort and manipulate it within a data table and Join operations. After you are comfortable with solving all your quizzes , you finally get the chance to take and solving challenges that gives you confidence and demonstrate the skills you learned.

Link to the tutorial is here


SQLZoo provides one of the best and free SQL resources in the internet. The list of varying, interactive exercises will place you in real-world environment where you will tackle and solve complex queries. There are nine lessons for beginners and each includes over ten exercises that vary in difficulty. After you complete the exercises, you get hands-on experience writing different queries while at the same time running their code live. Most learners can complete all of the exercises in about 20 hours. After finishing all the lessons, you would have gained some knowledge that will enable you to query and work with databases. The only downside I felt is the boring-looking website, otherwise the resources are great.

SQL Tutorial For Beginners

This six and half hour long YouTube tutorial by Great Learning Academy introduces you to the basics of SQL, Its features and how to use it. You can check it out from this link

Introduction to SQL From Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best websites to get free educational resources. In this particular case, you’ll learn how to use SQL to store and manipulate data. You may interested in this tutorial too. Here is the Tutorial.

Learning requires effort and self motivation. I hope you find this resources helpful and you can share with your friends.


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