Microsoft Unveils Preview of Lobe Training App for Machine Learning.


Microsoft have this week made available a machine learning training app which they called Lobe. The app is available for windows and mac users and is designed to enable people with no data science experience to apply deep learning and AI models quickly without the need of writing a code.


credit Microsoft

In their release, Microsoft indicated that the free app automatically selects the right machine learning architecture and starts training without any setup or configuration. Users can test their models in real time visual results and modify to boost their performance, this free app then lets users to export their models to a variety of industry-standard formats and ship them to any platform they like.

Microsoft also says that the app uses “open source machine learning architectures and transfer learning to train custom machine learning models on the user’s own machine and that the data is kept private and there is no requirement of an internet connection and logins.”

The current release supports image classification but Microsoft promised that they have plans to expand to other models in future. In the coming soon list are Object detection and data classification.

You can download now for free.


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