The best way to learn data science.


Data science is the technique of developing ways of recording, storing, analyzing and finally extracting meaningful insights from data.  It is multidisciplinary field that encompasses statistics, programming and mathematics. Due to the growing amount of data and the need to establish insights and trends by governments and companies, the field data science has risen in popularity.

According to glass door, data science career has been consistently ranked as the best job in the past three years, that’s between 2016 and 2019 and with an average salary of about $118000 per year, this field is indeed regarded as the most prestigious career. It is projected that in the next eight years, data science jobs will increase by at least 16%, that’s really phenomenal and the reason many people are switching careers to data science.

The dilemma many people especially those with no prior programming or computing knowledge face in their quest to learn data science is monumental. As a beginner, you may find tons of resources that somehow teach data science in the internet but you often find yourself stuck. To learn data science, the most fundamental thing is for you to learn Python and R, two of the highly regarded programming languages for data scientists. One of them is enough if you are beginner but it is highly recommended that you start with python as it is easy compared to most other programming languages.

If you choose to learn Python, there are thousands of free tutorials you can find online, so immediately make up your mind and head to one of the massive open online course (MOOC) sites and enroll foe a course. The most prominent mooc is Coursera, here you find tens of data science and python free tutorials from some of the best universities in the world. Spend some time in this platform and gradually start familiarizing yourself with programming in python.

The data science course I recommend in Coursera is the IBM Data Science. This program consists of nine courses that teaches you all the skills and techniques related to data science. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of programming. You can start the course from Here

AS you may realize later on, the free courses are very helpful in setting the stage for you but you may not find hands on and real life projects to work on.  At some point in your schedule, you may require to enroll in an online platform where you get more help and resources.

Data Camp is one of the foremost and credible learning platforms for data science online. they specialize in teaching Python, R and SQL. Their strategy is based on three key things.


There are over 300 interactive courses combined with short T video tutorials with hands-on exercises that you can choose from. As a beginner this is definitely the best approach.


I bet you heard the saying practice makes perfect. At Data Camp, every course is built on case studies and you will apply new skills right away. Also, in this practice mode, you will be able to keep your skills sharp with fun daily challenges.

Apply new skills.

Apply the skills you learn everyday with real-world projects and daily challenges.

A long your journey to becoming a data scientist with data camp, you will be provided with bite-sized videos and hands on coding exercises in both Python and R programming languages and this helps you learn by doing it. Remember practice makes you perfect! They have a mobile app that helps you sharpen your skills wherever you are, whether on the pitch or on the train. This makes you engaged and ensures that you finish your assignments and other class activities. It is important that you keep track of your activities in order to know whether you are on the track and for this too, you are covered. Data Camp presents you with a progress reports which provides all the guidelines you need.

Various major corporations like PayPal, Deloitte, Intel and Ikea train their employees at Data Camp and this is a clear prove that the quality of lesson in this platform is unmatched.

Students at Data Camp are provided with tens of real world projects which are designed to help you build portfolio that you can present to potential employees. All the projects you will be dealing with are designed by experts from across the globe.

A part from python Programming, Data Scientists are required to master databases. Database knowledge is inseparable from data science in every aspect and for this, Data Camp has complete tutorials of SQL. If you are committed to take data science course, Data Camp is really worth it.

After you complete all the course lessons and projects, Data Camp awards you a certificate which you can use to seek for jobs. If you are interested, you can Enroll Data Camp now.


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